Los ortobilógicos son una gran promesa para el tratamiento de las fracturas de cadera /Orthobiologics have great promise for treatment of hip fractures


Orthobiologics have great promise for treatment of hip fractures

WAILEA, Hawaii — Orthobiologics offer a faster track in hip fracture healing and show great promise for the future, according to a presenter, here.
“The most exciting thing is that everything is about to change. It is going to be exciting,” Thomas A. “Toney” Russell, MD, said here at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2014.
Orthobiologics that are currently being used as implant surface enhancements have interference with fracture healing, he said. Numerous published studies have shown that orthobiologics have the ability to deliver materials and the biodegradability of the osteoconductive matrix, Russell noted.
Orthobiologics applications now involve implant surface enhancements, hydroxyapatite coatings, systemic medication delivery, parathyroid hormone, bisphosphonates and biomaterials. Present problems as well as the future options for orthobiologics may include the use of new calcium phosphate cements with increased porosity, proper insertion and positioning, as well as implant interface augmentation, he said. ─ by Kristine Houck, MA, ELS
Russell TA. Will orthobiologics help fixation in hip fractures. Presented at: Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2014; Jan. 19-23, 2014; Wailea, Hawaii.
Disclosure: Russell receives a salary from Innovision Inc.; royalties from Smith & Nephew; is a patent holder for Innovision Inc., Smith & Nephew and Zimmer; and has ownership interest in Etex and Innovision Inc.

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